iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases

    Our colorful iPhone 14 Pro Max phone cases offer dual layer protection with a soft silicone rubber interior and hard shell exterior. Enjoy elevated bump and scratch protection, stylish designs, and 1700+ 5-star reviews ensuring you'll love Youri phone cases.

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    Lightweight, Colorful Phone Cases

    Drop-Protective Dual Layer Phone Case

    Youri iPhone 14 Pro Max phone cases are built with dual layer protection, meaning twice as much protection from accidental drops. Closest to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the soft silicone rubber offers protective cushioning against drops, cushioning your phone every second of the day. The hard shell exterior provides further protection, safeguarding every corner, edge, and button from impact, keeping your phone safe while working, traveling, and playing. 

    Elevated Bump & Scratch Protection

    Drops aren’t the only risk to your phone. Bumping into the corner of a desk or table with your iPhone 14 Pro Max can crack the side of your device, damaging the buttons & functionality, forcing you to get a new phone.   The hard outer shell phone case ensures full-body protection by enveloping all sides and edges of your iPhone 14 Pro Max, eliminating the risk of damage from drops, bumps, and scratches. To protect the touchscreen and camera, we added elevated bezels around the digital display & rear camera lenses to prevent scratches and damage from incidental surface contact. 

    Stylish, Unique Phone Case Designs

    From fun, summery designs to colorful, vintage phone cases, we designed our iPhone 14 Pro Max phone cases to look as good as they feel. On top of the durable, protective case, there’s a stylish, unique phone case for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, playful pattern or a classic, timeless look, our 1700+ 5-star Trustpilot reviews guarantee that you’ll love the next Youri phone case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.