Summer Balaclava - Lightweight UV Protection & Breathable Balaclava Mask
Summer Balaclava - Lightweight UV Protection & Breathable Balaclava Mask

Summer Balaclava - Lightweight UV Protection & Breathable Balaclava Mask

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Introducing Youri's Summer Balaclava - a versatile and stylish accessory designed for sun protection and comfort. Crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric, this balaclava keeps you cool and comfortable even during the warmest days. With its ability to block harmful UV rays, it safeguards your skin from sun damage. The adaptive design allows you to wear it in various ways, such as covering only the neck or transforming it into a fashionable scarf. Experience the perfect combination of function and fashion with Youri's Summer Balaclava.

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Ships from Toronto, Canada
Reusable & Washable
Spandex & Nylon Material Mix
Top Rated Balaclava

The Balaclava For All

Explore the many ways you can wear our balaclava:

Regular Balaclava

Youri's Summer Balaclava offers full-face coverage in a lightweight, thin design perfect for warm weather. Slip it over your head and enjoy comfortable protection during your favorite outdoor activities.

Open Face Balaclava

Wear Youri's Summer Balaclava with the face fully exposed to enjoy breathable protection while maintaining clear visibility. This versatile style is perfect for staying cool and comfortable during outdoor activities in warmer weather.

Sun Guard

Youri's Summer Balaclava, worn to cover just the neck and back of the head, pairs perfectly with a hat for sun and wind protection, ensuring comfort during warm-weather outings.

Face Mask

Youri's Summer Balaclava can be effortlessly converted into a face mask by pulling the top part down to cover the nose and mouth. This configuration offers breathable protection and added comfort, making it an ideal choice for warm-weather activities where facial coverage is desired.

Neck Gaiter

Youri's Summer Balaclava can also be worn as a neck gaiter, simply by pulling the top part down and letting it rest around your neck. This style provides a lightweight and breathable layer, perfect for protecting your neck from sun and wind during warm-weather outdoor adventures.


Youri's Summer Balaclava can be transformed into a scarf by folding the top part down and wrapping it around your neck. This versatile adaptation offers a lightweight and breathable layer, adding an extra touch of style and protection against the elements during your outings.

Head Band

Youri's Summer Balaclava can be repurposed as a headband by folding the material to the desired width and positioning it around your forehead. This adaptable style keeps sweat and hair away from your face while offering breathable comfort during your favorite warm-weather activities.

Head Cap

Youri's Summer Balaclava can be easily transformed into a head cap by folding the lower part up and covering only the top of your head. This versatile style provides lightweight and breathable protection from the sun, ensuring a comfortable experience during warm-weather outdoor adventures.

Helmet Compatible

Youri's Summer Balaclava is designed with comfort, thinness, and durability in mind, making it an ideal companion to wear underneath a helmet. Its lightweight and breathable material ensures a snug fit without adding bulk, providing an extra layer of protection and comfort during your outdoor activities while wearing a helmet or a hardhat.

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